Swarm Capture

Bees swarm as a way to continue the species.  bee-swarmAs the colony gets too large for the space available, they create successor queen cells in the hive.  The old queen leaves, taking a portion of the colony with her.  After they leave the hive, they cluster on a nearby object such as a tree, mailbox, car, etc. before making the journey to the new home scout bees have previously selected.

Although they may look scary, this is a time when the bees are calmest because they don’t have any honey or babies to defend.  If you find a swarm, please call a beekeeper IMMEDIATELY to collect the bees.  Never use pesticides on the swarm.

The following club members are available to capture swarms:

  • Jerry Claborn 256-355-0403
  • Jackie Clifton 256-974-4565
  • Aaron Fletcher 256-566-8089
  • David Hicks 256-565-4020
  • Larry Mote 256-654-0375
  • Lamar Roberson 256-476-7983
  • Harold Bradford 256-685-2345
  • Jimmy Murphree 256-332-0911
  • Harry Porter 256-383-7909
  • Johnny Walker 256-476-1790



3 Responses to Swarm Capture

  1. John Walker says:

    Put me on the list to capture swarms Johnny Walker 256 476 1790

  2. John Walker says:

    Thank Davi

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