Sources to Purchase Bees

The following companies or individuals have asked to be included on our web page as sources to purchase bees. Their inclusion is in no way an endorsement by TVBA, only a courtesy to our members. JASON MCBRAYER http://WWW.MCBEESAPIARIES.COM JASON@MCBEESAPIARIES.COM

March 2015 update: Folks have mentioned they don’t get a response from MCBEES.

For Sale:

5 frame BUCKFAST NUCs — ORDERS of 5 will be $190.00 EACH AND ORDERS OF 10 OR MORE WILL BE $185.00 EACH.  Bees will be ready for customer pick up 1st week of MARCH.  Full price is required when placing order to guarantee customer picks up bees on date.  We will have two pick up locations, Moulton and Cullman.

The deadline for placing orders will be FEBRUARY 6TH, 2015.  Please remember to place your order early so you will land a spot on our order form for this spring.   If interested TEXT 256-309-4737 or email .  We accept PAYPAL for your convenience.

For times past the Feb 2015 deadline, contact Caleb Scott directly at the above address or phone.

Queens for Sale:
Sherrill McNeil, Red Bay, AL: his home phone number is 256-356-2795.


3 Responses to Sources to Purchase Bees

  1. Caleb Scott says:

    5 frame Nucs loaded with bees in plastic nuc box ready for customer pick up 3rd week of March 2018 $165.00 each. No box or frame exchange required customer keeps everything. Queens are $26.00 and are guaranteed. Our bees are outstanding workers and build a large colony in a short time. They are mite resistant and we now offer 2 breeds, Canadian Buckfast and Italian Cordovan. This is a pee order

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