August 13, 2015 TVBA Meeting

The TVBA August meeting had a record 43 attendees! The previous record was 25. Thanks to all the folks who are interested in helping the bees. Our new extension agent, Allyson Shabel, gave an excellent talk on bee-friendly plants that bloom late in the season. She brought samples of the plants collected earlier in the day so attendees could see the actual blooms. See her attached presentation and resources.

Plants for Honey Bees

Backyard Beekeeping – an ACES publication

Establishing a bee pasture – UGA extension

Buckwheat information from

Gardening for native pollinators – from UGA extension




Plants for Pollination Southeast

Southeast Plants Native Bees

Aaron Fletcher brought a bee-themed photo board that can be used at educational events. Children can have their photos taken peeking through the board. We appreciate all our members who devote their time to teach beekeeping to young folks!

Bee Photo Board

One of the flowers that bees like in the morning time is squash blossom:

Bee on Squash Blossom

Bee on Squash Blossom

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