February 2012 Meeting

Walt Wright discussing Checkerboard to prevent reproductive swarming

The Tennessee Valley Beekeepers held their regular meeting on Thursday, February 9th at Moulton City Hall. TVBA President Mary Gibson guided the following discussion:

The club agreed to set up a booth at the Alabama Chicken & Egg Festival April 13-15.
The Auburn Beekeeping Seminar was February 4th. Mary reported on a new threat to bees called the Asian Mite.

Mr. Walt Wright from Elkton, TN gave a talk on “Checkerboarding to prevent reproductive swarming.”
The key elements were:
-Checkerboarding is a technique of alternating honey and empty frames above the brood chamber to encourage bee population expansion
-Checkerboarding is for reproductive swarming, not supercedure.
-Start at least 9 weeks prior to typical swarm dates for your area (about April 7th for Lawrence County).
-Leave one medium super of honey directly above the brood chamber.
-Alternate honey and empty frames in the second and third supers above the brood to encourage bees to build upward. When they naturally contract later, this will leave more honey above.
-More bees = more honey

The next meeting will be April 12, 2012 at 7:00pm in the Moulton City Hall.

Reminder- Please pay your 2012 dues to Mamie Roberson if you haven’t done so already. ($10 for individual and $15 for a family).

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