December 2011 Meeting

Beeswax candle with beeswax tea light inside

The Tennessee Valley Beekeepers held their December 2011 meeting at Western Sirloin in Moulton, AL.  Retiring County Extension Agent Jerry Chenault received an appreciation award for helping establish the club and offering assistance.  Founding member Jerry Claborn presented the award, remarking how the organization had doubled in only five years.

Lamar Roberson and Ray Gibson reported on their participation in the Lawrence County School’s “Pizza Day” program.  This program teaches 3rd graders the source of their food, which is NOT the supermarket.  Lamar taught the youths about how pollination is the source of almost all our food, including the food that animals eat.  Lamar even gave a rendition of the “bee dance” he demonstrated for the students.

The annual leadership elections resulted in:

Mary Gibson- President

Lamar Roberson- Vice President

Mamie Roberson- Secretary / Treasurer

TVBA members thank outgoing president Jimmy Murphree for his leadership during the past year.

The next meeting will be held Thursday, February 9th, 2012 at the Moulton City Hall.

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