Spring Inspections

As the days are getting warmer, we need to be thinking about managing our hives for swarming.  Looking for the queen, brood, swarm cells, pollen, and nectar are part of initial spring inspections.  Explosive growth may occur suddenly, so now is a good time to begin your inspection process.

Can you spot the queen in the photo below?

On Sunday afternoon, 3/1/20, this hive was full of bees, including 8 strong frames of brood, pollen (yellow, green, & orange), and lots of nectar.  We swapped the lighter bottom box to the top and inserted 4 frames of drawn comb to give them some room (heavy rain is expected for the next few days).  On Friday, they may be ready for a super of drawn comb.

Good luck with your inspections.  Feel free to contact a club mentor if you have any questions on your hives.

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October Meeting & Webinar Series

Lionel Evans will speak at the October TVBA meeting.  His topic is making hive combinations for winter survival and other winter prep activities.  The meeting will be at 6:30 pm at Moulton City Hall.

Also, the Extension Service will be hosting a Webinar Series on Beekeeping.  See the flyer below:

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June Meeting Minutes

TVBA minutes June 8 2019

Click “Open Link in New Tab”   When the page opens, click on the hyperlink to the minutes and it will open a PDF file.

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February 2019 Meeting

TVBA minutes February 7 2019

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October Meeting

The October meeting of the TVBA included a presentation from Bill Mullins on winterizing your bees.  See the Newsletter page for the October Meeting Minutes which includes the details of his presentation.

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August 2018 meeting

The TVBA August meeting included discussions on the three common challenges for beekeepers: Small Hive Beetles, Varroa Mites, and Quality Queens.  See the minutes for details.

Remember, the October 11th meeting will be Officer Election night.  We are trying to get Dr. Tew to hold a video conference on Winterizing and Winter Feeding.

The December meeting will be our Christmas Dinner.

The February meeting discussion will be on making Splits.

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TVBA Picnic

The weather was great for the annual TVBA picnic.  David & Peggy Lynch were the gracious hosts at their farm.  About 26 folks attended and enjoyed visiting and of course, talking about their bees.


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Spring is Here!

Spring is Here!

Bees are bringing in pollen to feed their young.  Many of our members are capturing swarms or splitting colonies to expand their apiaries.


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Intermediate Beekeeper Class February 24, 2018

If you didn’t get a chance to register in advance, please come anyway and register at the door!


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2018 Beekeeping Classes- February 10th and 24th

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